Hi all...
Weird problem today...with full outlook client on machines with domain users running local profiles, and with cached mode on in outlook, with an import prf file being used to setup the account automatically.

User logs on, local profile created, user runs outlook, email is synced across from exchange, and user is happy.
Close and re-open outlook, all email still there. User fiddles with desktop background, and runs word etc....

User logs off, then back on again. Desktop background is okay, and no first run (username pop-up) prompts from office either. However when user runs outlook, data seems to be being resynced all over again! There are then multiple copies of the ost file stored in the appdata\local\... folder. I guess it is something I have done creating the prf file, but, not too sure what, and cached mode is set in the account settings correctly, since you can check this within outlook 2010.

I have double checked the folder redirection for app data, and it is set to be off/remain local. I have also checked the size of the mailboxes, but they are both less than 700MB. Is there some limit for cached mode?

Any tips would be appreciated.