Does anyone have any specific experience with developing an add on for Microsoft outlook. To set the context i work for a university and we have about 3 members of staff responsible for providing the service desk for all students and a further 4 for the service desk to all staff.

From all the service desks we provide Telephone, E-Mail, Self Logging support options and for the student service desk face to face support. Most of the time we get a lot of the same emails and each member of each desk has there own little standardised replies to send out.

I would like to develop an add on that when writing a new message you can turn off/on a pane of options that are linked to pre-defined email response text (which will be shared on a drive), so that when replying you can just place your cursor where you want it and click the option in the pane and hey presto.

It sounds fairly simple in concept and i have seen some options out there (not many though) but for now with cost cutting would rather try and develop something in house

Would appreciate if anyone knows of any similar software (preferably free) or any pointers in how to get started.

p.s. The commercial program i like the look of is here: