I've search everywhere for a way to do this but whatever I try just doesn't work. I've created a database to take the PASS data and combine with a sims export so that teachers can view the data for the children in their classes.

I have a form that opens a report after the user has selected a class. When the report opens the 'select class' form minimises so that it doesn't obscure the print preview. A button on the report can then be clicked to take them make to the 'select class' form.
I have tried events for OnOpen & OnActivate with DoCmd.Restore but the form stays stubbornly minimised and just won't restore.

I know that I can put [OpenArgs] method in the OpenForm code but I can't work out the syntax it wants for this. The code I've got currently is.

Private Sub Command35_Click()

DoCmd.OpenForm "Select Class", acNormal, , , acFormReadOnly, acDialog, OnOpen = DoCmd.Restore

DoCmd.Close acReport, "Pass Data Query", acSaveNo

End Sub
but this comes back 'Expected Function or variable' error.

Am I looking at this from the wrong angle or is there a combination of these commands that will work.