Right, I would like to point out early on that we do not have Exchange, so many of the posts I have seen relating to this are using Exchange.

I am trying to get Outlook 2007 to automaticaly set up a users account using the info in Active Directory. At the moment it will pick up the users userPrincipalName of user@domain.local and their password, along with their CN. This is all fine, I have created an autodiscover xml file and dumped it in the outlook program file along with the other default ones and created the corresponding registry file. I have also added in the Outlook GP items to our Server (2008) and have forced a few changes on there.

Is there a way of forcing Outlook 2007 to pick up the users email field insted of the UPN?
Also we need to append @school.lea.sch.uk to the username. At present it will only send the CN.

Any ideas??