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Office Software Thread, Batch compression of Word docs with images in Technical; Our storage is being blocked up with 100s of word documents that are MBs in size. Is there a program ...
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    Question Batch compression of Word docs with images

    Our storage is being blocked up with 100s of word documents that are MBs in size. Is there a program that will do a batch compression of the images is all of these files at once, instead of the one-by-one manual process?

    I'm sure I have used one in the dim and distant past, but just can't find anything.

    Any suggestions?

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    I think the best be would be to convert them to odf or docx which are both compressed zip files.
    OpenOffice can work in commandline (headless) mode to do mass conversions, so i should imaging MSOffice is more than capable of doing it.
    A script for OOo is here:
    PyODConverter | Art of Solving

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    This poster won't help with your immediate problem, but you might want to use it in school:
    Attached Files Attached Files

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