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Office Software Thread, Outlook Profile Woes between versions 2003/2010 in Technical; Hi All, We have done a small pilot of Office 2010 at an outcentre, installing it on all the staff ...
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    Angry Outlook Profile Woes between versions 2003/2010

    Hi All,

    We have done a small pilot of Office 2010 at an outcentre, installing it on all the staff PC's but not the IT suites or Classrooms. We are having some major issues however with the staff that roam between machines with the different versions on, this affects quite a few people as we have teachers who work at multiple sites.

    Setup Info:

    • Staff Use Roaming Profiles
    • All Computers are Win XP
    • Office Versions are Professional 2003 and 2010
    • Exchange Server is 2003

    So far we have

    Staff member with outlook working on 2003 logs on to a 2010 machine outlook works. When they go back to a machines with 2003 installed they then get the message

    unable to open your default e-mail folders; your profile is not configured

    The outlook profile is there, but from mail in control panel you are unable to edit it and the users name does not show up in the box below server name. So far all we can do to get working in 2003 is either a new outlook profile or delete and re-create. However the problem comes back as soon as they log on/off a machines with outlook 2010.

    Any help you can give would be great as this is currently dring about 30 people mad and we need to resolve this before the first full phase of rollout can take place. Unfortunately with 1200 machinhes we need to phase the rollout over a few months to get staff trained up etc.

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    I don't think this is possible but will test for you.

    How are you deploying Outlook?

    Maybe training should be given first then rollout Outlook (Big Bang)?


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    I use both but when logging into a Office 2003 computer I only launch the Outlook web access, that way the profile isn't corrupted. BTW, I also can not launch Powerpoint 2003 in 2010 as it crashes my pc...

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    Yea, it breaks it as it upgraded the profile to one that is unreadable by 2003 or 2007. I just rolled it out in one hit but we went via 2007 so the difference was tiny and training was not needed. What you could do is look at somehow deleting the profile on logoff so that it recreates it each time they logon and open Outlook. Should be able to find the folder in the profile and delete it on log off plus kill any reg entries in the user hive.

    Found it, just delete this key on logoff:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\%PROFILNAME%

  5. Thanks to SYNACK from:

    SkreeM1980 (6th May 2011)

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    Just out of curiosity, does anyone have or know of any documentation that specifies exactly what settings are stored under what keys in the profile registry location you have supplied above? Preferably regarding the 2003 version of the profile?

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