Had a strange one this morning, the head was having trouble editing a document or even saving it to his memory stick, looked at it and, yes it was 36 pages long with two scanned images in it, and yes it failed to edit and save. When I had a look at it I found out why, it was 211Mb in size! So compressed the images, reseved and it was down to 210Mb, not much change there, so after a bit of messing (I mean technical investigation including just trying to load it in to a new document, copying just the text to a new document it failed even just a single line of text caused the PC to have a real headache!) I loaded it into Wordpad, save out as a doc rtf file and then back in to Word, saved it and hey presto, document now behaved itself and was 470K (yes thats nearly 0.5Mb!!!)
Now problem solved so not after a solution, just an explanation as to why it had become so large in size. I did find a previous version of the doc at 57Mb. Could it have been loaded in to a newer version of word and saved back to cause this? Thought I remember reading something about this before.