There may be times when you need to access the mailbox of a student or staff member. Detailed below are the steps to take to open their mailbox within your Outlook.

Find the user in Active Directory Users and Computers on a computer or server with the Exchange tools loaded on them.
Click on the Exchange Advanced tab and press the button marked Mailbox Rights.
Add yourself with Full Mailbox Access.

In Outlook Choose File - Account Settings - Highlight your Exchange account and hit the Change button.
Choose More Settings - Advanced tab - Add.
Add the user and hit Ok - Next - Finish - Close.
You will be back at your mail folders with the users mailbox listed in the folder list.

Once done reverse the process by removing the mailbox and recind your permissions to the mailbox.

Variations on this theme will work for versions of Outlook 2003 and 2007. The only difference being how you access your Exchange account settings within Outlook.