I'm trying to set up Outlook 2010 with Google Apps IMAP servers using .prf files. I'm intending to put them in HKCU\RunOnce.

While testing, when I launch Outlook with the /importprf switch, it seems to configure the account (i.e. no prompt) but then it says "Send/Receive Error" in the status-bar. As there is no way to include a password in the .prf configuration file, it should be prompting me at this point. Hitting send and receive again or starting Outlook normally also don't prompt for the password.

When I go into Account Settings/Change Account, the password box is blank and the Remember Password check-box is ticked. If I enter the password here, everything works fine.

In order to try force it to prompt for the password, in Group Policy, I enabled "Disable 'Remember Password' for Internet e-mail accounts" and "Prevent saving credentials for Basic Authentication policy". This resulted in the password box and Remember Password check-box being greyed out, but when setting up the profile from scratch there was still no change.

The .prf file was created using the Office Customization Tool so it should be ok! I also tested this on two different Outlook 2010 installations, one retail and one Professional.

I've uploaded the .prf file for inspection. I need a setting somewhere to force a password prompt! Any ideas appreciated.