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Office Software Thread, Text field in Technical; Not sure how to describe what i am trying to do, but i will try. The Bursar is trying to ...
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    Text field

    Not sure how to describe what i am trying to do, but i will try.

    The Bursar is trying to let go of Lotus notes as he is the only person not using Office in the school.

    One thing he can do is he can make a word processing document in lotus, and have like a text box almost, but it looks just like a normal line of text and it might say

    <Insert your name here> and when you click on of the text it dissappears and allows you to type your name in that area.

    I am sure i have seen this done in Word, how do i do it in Word 2010?

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    Sounds like you need to look at 'Quick Parts' (it's in the 'Insert' section of the ribbon)

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