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    Excel - Choosing Two Cells

    Really strange one here, but when some pupils click on a cell in Excel 2007 the cell to the immediate right is also chosen. I've tried to paste the screenshot here:

    Pupil has chosen the £5.70 but the cell to the right has also been chosen for some strange reason. Happens on whichever computer she is using at the time. Could it be anything in the file? The cells are not merged.



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    Is the excel sheet running maximised on screen? I've heard of a couple of occasions where this has thrown out the accuracy of the mouse pointer in Excel. Also, when you select a cell try doing a Ctrl+Z undo immediately afterwards. If it now only selects the cell you actually clicked on it could be a setting somewhere in the worksheet as it suggests another command is running.
    Damned if I know what though!!???

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    If the cells are not merged, it could be that the extend mode is currently turned on. Take a look at the status bar at the bottom of the worksheet. If you see the letters EXT in bold, then extend mode is active. Double-click the EXT letters to turn it off or simply press F8. (When Excel is in extend mode, one end of a selection is "anchored" and the selection extends from there to where you click or move next.)

    Source: Selecting Multiple Cells by Mistake (Microsoft Excel)

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