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Office Software Thread, OOo4Kids - Open Office for 7-12 year olds in Technical; Hi All As discussed previously, I had a look at the .msi file in Orca and it's actually quite a ...
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    Hi All

    As discussed previously, I had a look at the .msi file in Orca and it's actually quite a simple job to associate MS Office file types - Go to the property table and set 'REGISTER_ALL_MSO_TYPES' to value '1' to enable the registration of file types and then further down in the property table there are switches for each individual file type (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx etc etc) ; set each of these to '1' to associate the file type.

    I've attached a copy of my .mst file here; I haven't done much testing of it myself yet (so test before deployment, I take no repsonsibility etc etc) but it's based on the one supplied (and tested) for OpenOffice.Org 3.2.1 and all the entries targetted in the .msi database are identical in this version so I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work.

    I agree with PiqueABoo, that the settings structure could be brought into band alot more easily through standardised registry / adm settings; I guess this is one of the limitations of the OOo parentage although we can hope for more development in this direction... although the OOBE is so close to readiness for use that this isn't as much a problem as it could be.

    OpenOfficeTechnology are the actual reason I found OOo4Kids, I needed an office suite in a hurry and had no money for MSO. I deployed OOo3.2.1 and thought the add ons from OpenOffice Technology were a part of the OOo Stack for making life easier on weary sysadmins like myself - It turns out that OOT and their management and deployment tools are actually an attempt by Oracle to monetise their stake in Open Office after their acquisition of Sun Microsystems, and involves a not insignificant licensing cost. This wasn't made clear until I installed their product and found it popping up 'unlicesed software' messages on launch! I read their FAQ, wasn't best pleased, and then went back to the drawing board with OOo and found OOo4Kids.

    EricB2, I assume you're part of the OOo4Kids team - if so then thank you for your time and efforts in this project. I have deployed this software in one school already and the response from staff that have used it has been overwhelmingly positive. I intend to deploy this both alopgside and as an MSO replacement in several schools that I support, with OOo321 for teaching laptops. I'm also writing a paper on OOo4Kids' suitability for widespread use within our Education Authority both as an improvement in provision and as a cost saving measure for schools which is a pretty hot topic atm (and might keep me in a job next year if they can still afford me ;-)

    The Ecolier font is a great addition, and I presume it will be welcomed by many schools currently using licensed fonts (or even unlicensed ones..) to support their handwriting schemes.

    I liked the user level changing, and the general functionality is still powerful despite the simplification of the UI. I have to say that some of the drawing functions are a bit hard to work out how to get to on a 1024*600 screen, as the menu goes off the bottom of the screen, but I don't think netbooks and tablets will be using this resolution for much longer anyway... shame my school didnt listen to me about choosing when to invest. Considering they're education institutions schools often seem reluctant to do any learning themselves :-)

    Another point raised by PiqueABoo, which I thought myself upon installation could be a stumbling block to mass adoption - integrated Graphic/Clipart etc. I'm not that bothered for it myself but it's a bit of a sacred cow in primary school office apps and although it's not a dealbreaker I can see people complaining about a lack of it.

    Eric, are there any plans to include an education specific image / clipart set for use with OOoKids?

    TLDR: So far I've had no problems other than minor issues discussed here and am happy to consider this software suitable for mass deployment.

    For those interested, please find attached .mst file for association of Microsoft Office file formats with OOo4Kids.

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