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Office Software Thread, Setting default options in Technical; Hi Moving from Office 2003 to 2007 over the summer (Much as I would love to leapfrog to 2010, it ...
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    Setting default options


    Moving from Office 2003 to 2007 over the summer (Much as I would love to leapfrog to 2010, it ain't gonna happen!)

    Anybody got a list of 'gotcha' settings that may need changing to suit a multi user educational environment?

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    The Opt-in program is the main thing that you want to disable, it comes up at first run asking if they want to use online help or not and if it should automaticly check for updates.

    I also turn off the RSS prompt for Outlook to handle all RSS.

    Don't have the configs to hand at the moment but both are configurable inside AD with GPO and also with the /admin switch to get the OCT Wizard when you are doing deployment.

    I think that the Opt-in is under privacy settings or Misc for the Office Suite and the RSS one is just under Outlook.

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