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Office Software Thread, word language settings in Technical; is it possible that certain documents can be set to en-us as im sure office is set to use the ...
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    word language settings

    is it possible that certain documents can be set to en-us as im sure office is set to use the en-uk langauge bet certain documents come up with en-us and if so short of opening them all is there a quick way of altering the files to use the uk dictionary?

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    Had something occur to some pupils when it manifested itself as the spell checker suddenly not working. When we checked it appeared that the language for the document was not english UK. I am not usre how they changed it or how to identify such files and change them without opening them but for the pupils we offered this fix.

    Use the Edit Menu and Select All (or use CTRL-A). From the Tools menu Select Language then Set Language and finally click on English UK.

    The above wont fix them all in one go but will allow the affected individuals to fix their documents themselves.

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    This seems to happen when documents wre created by someone who doesn't have English (UK) as the language on their PC (something copied of the internet for example). Word uses the language asociated with the document (or part of document) rather than your default one.

    Tools> Language > SEt Language for the selected part of the document will convert it.

    My teenagers routinely use it to change the default language for their MFL homework!

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