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Office Software Thread, Crashing when opening certain files in Technical; Morning all, I have a user this morning that has emailed some Schemes of Work to herself for today, if ...
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    Crashing when opening certain files

    Morning all,

    I have a user this morning that has emailed some Schemes of Work to herself for today, if she open's them directly from the attachment they open fine.

    But if she saves them to either her home drive on the network or onto the local disk or USB pen, the minute she clicks on either file the pc freezes up completely.

    She has also brought them in on USB, copied directly from her PC at home. She is running office 2k7 on Windows XP, these files are freeze the PC the instant they receive 1 click of the mouse.

    Any ideas??


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    Possibly unconnected but I did have a recent problem with Office 2k3 crashing when opening files which I believe was caused by something screwy with the printer setup. I say believe rather cynically as there was little pattern to the issue and I'm still convinced aliens were at work! After trying everything I could think of, I completely removed and reinstalled the printers and drivers on both servers and PCs. This solved it for me but as I said, possibly unconnected.

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