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Office Software Thread, 2007 or 2010 in Technical; We have an MS Select agreement and have been running Office 2003 for a good few years now. Is it ...
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    2007 or 2010

    We have an MS Select agreement and have been running Office 2003 for a good few years now.
    Is it worth going to Office 2007 or straight to 2010?
    How much difference is there between 2007 and 2010?
    Which would freak teachers/pupils out the least (bearing in mind they'll freak out when we move most ICT suites over to Windows 7 from XP)?
    Or, with Office 2010 having only just come out, would I be better using Office 2007 for a couple of years first?

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    Best to go straight to 2010 in my opinion, that's what we're doing this summer, completely bypassing 2007 altogether

    2007 changed 2003 completely, 2010 brings back the odd 2003 "way" while still being completely based on 2010 (just little things changed back from where people complained, EG: the bubble in the top left has now changed back to "file")

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    Yeap, go 2010 as has file and a fair few features over 2007. Also if you are likely to have to wait a long time between deployments again it makes sence to start off with the latest version when you have the opertunity.

    If anyone is using 2007 a migration from it to 2010 is realitivly painless if you already have it as almost everything is in the same place, all of our staff who have been exposed to it so far just picked it up and wondered why it looked a little different.

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    It's also best to move Windows and Office at the same time.

    The staff will complain that "everything" has changed.. moan moan moan.. rather than the twice complaints you get if you move up one and then the other.

    I've been ignoring the students complaints that we don't have Vista or Office 2007...

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    Personally I would go straight to 2010, that is what we plan to at work.

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