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Office Software Thread, Microsoft Office Vs OpenOffice in Technical; I have been asked to summarise the pros and cons in connection with the choices between Microsoft Office Vs OpenOffice. ...
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    Microsoft Office Vs OpenOffice

    I have been asked to summarise the pros and cons in connection with the choices between Microsoft Office Vs OpenOffice.

    I have a broad idea of what needs to be said. However I would like to open a discussion here and have a single place to go to when the time comes to give the summary to SLT.

    There are obvious points of contention:

    For me the lack of compliance with Group Policy is a major concern [Default save location/visibility of C:/Visibility of files and folders on the HDD]

    However I am sure that functionality and compatibility will be the prime mover. We are looking at making major savings by reducing our commitment to Microsoft licensing.

    So what are your experiences?
    What happens when there are no direct equivalents? [Word has a close match in OpenOffice, but a database solution match is not as close, neither is an Outlook [connecting to Exchange Server and downloading all calendars, shared calendars, scheduled events, for Exchange will still exist after the move to OpenSource solutions]

    In summary then: What do you see as:

    The benefits of this plan?

    How do you see the problems being manifest?


    Many thanks.

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    I wonder this myself sometimes too, especially when looking at the cost of buying more licences.

    We have OO3 deployed and managed via GPO (RM package for it, not sure how it actually works!) but this hardly ever gets used. To be honest, I deployed it because I got tired of converting files for a Mac-using staff member; a very small number of kids use it too though. I don't really know what the fall-out would be if we took Office away - obviously the sky would be falling at first, but with suitable warning, training, etc we might get away with it.

    I think that OO needs some aesthetic work doing before it becomes a popular choice though, the icons look rather "16-bit" and dated, especially in comparison with the Office 2007 ribbon.

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