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Office Software Thread, Collins Big Cat Phonics KS1 & KS2 in Technical; Anyone care to share their experiences of Collins Big Cat Phonics? Asking because my Literacy Leader came back with a ...
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    Collins Big Cat Phonics KS1 & KS2

    Anyone care to share their experiences of Collins Big Cat Phonics? Asking because my Literacy Leader came back with a disk recently that's marked as single user but assuring me it was for site use asking me to put it on 8 workstations.

    The Company confirm it has been sold for site use but installing it has created numerous problems which to date they seem unable to offer solutions for - can't write to data folder on some machines, runs ok on others, runs ok as admin on others but falls over for users.

    It looks to be a good programme but I'm certainly surprised at the problems that come with it.
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    I've had this. In the end i installed it locally and made sure they had the right permissions to use the folder it needs.

    I know this doesnt help, but i feel your pain!

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    Yes we,v got it in blackburn. It says single licence on our disk to, and yes as little miss said youv have to set write access to the Data file inside the program files on each machine! luckily enough for me i remembered to do this before a mass imaging session

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