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Office Software Thread, Conditional Formatting in Technical; One for the Excel gurus. I've been using some functions in Excel to work out which days of a range ...
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    Conditional Formatting

    One for the Excel gurus. I've been using some functions in Excel to work out which days of a range of days are weekends (networkdays function). It is very good and one I hadn't seen before.

    How can someone help me with the following.

    I have a sheet which represents the month of May. It is formatted into a range of cells representing the days of the month.

    Row 1 (cells 2 to 32) are the dates.

    On another sheet, I have a cell where I can put a start date and another cell where I can put an end date.

    Now depending on these dates I put in, how can I get the cells on the month sheet to either colour themselves or have a text label entered into the cell?

    Does that make sense?

    So it works kind of like a diary. Example:

    Start Date: 01/05/2010
    End Date : 14/05/2010
    Total of days: 13

    So on the diary page, it colours in Cells A2:A15 in Red.


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    I think I understand what you want

    Sadly, conditional formatting (at least in 2003) can't refer to cells on another sheet, so i had to have two hidden columns.

    Hope its ok.
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