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Office Software Thread, Financial Planning/Budgeting Software? in Technical; Hi As per the title - has anyone got any suggestions for good Financial Planning/Budgeting type software for schools that ...
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    Financial Planning/Budgeting Software?


    As per the title - has anyone got any suggestions for good Financial Planning/Budgeting type software for schools that will play nicely on the network?

    Currently we use FPS from HCSS, and while it does the job - it is definitely a single user application and doesn't play nicely on the network with several people having access.

    While personally I think that really there should only be one person using the software - we have the world and his wife sticking their fingers in - so need something a bit more "robust".

    Any alternatives?

    btw - we're CMIS - so no SIMS only suggestions - thanks

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    Doh FPS. Anybody else got this and have it having tantrums with Windows 7? Looks like it is a permissions issue but I can't see where. Hateful.

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    I appreciate that this is an old post however I thought I would reply anyway.

    We provide budget planning software to over 2,500 schools and academies in England and if you wish to have a look at what else is available we would be happy to give you a free web demonstration and quote on our system?

    Please take a look at our website for details around the software's features www.orovia.com/education

    We will also be attending the academy show this year at the Excel Center, stand 500 opposite PS Financials, feel free to pop by.

    Best wishes,
    Ben Cowley

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