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Office Software Thread, Header and footer in excel in Technical; Hi how do you stop the Header and footer in excel from being edited by someone else. I have a ...
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    Header and footer in excel


    how do you stop the Header and footer in excel from being edited by someone else. I have a docuement i need to give someone and the problem is they always take credit for my work and i am sick of it, so i want to protect and stop them editing my foot on my excel speadsheet.

    can any one help


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    Protect it with a password? You can enable certain cells, columns, rows or areas as user editable. Or just protect the whole sheet.

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    By Using Tools > Protect Sheet, you can password protect the sheet and only allow certain areas to be changed; everything else, including headers, is locked. Google for 'excel protect sheet' will bring up plenty of good help pages on the exact details of how to do it, so I won't re-invent the wheel.

    This is M$'s help: Frequently asked questions about workbook protection in Excel

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