Does anyone know if its possible to synchronise an Exchange Public folder calendar with a personal calendar in Outlook?

The original problem is that I am trying to sync a public folder calendar which is visible in Outlook 2003 with the calendar of a HTC HD2 mobile phone.
As this is a windows based phone it uses activsync to perform this function but it is very linited in its funtionality & only allows sychronisation of the personal calendar.

After hunting the net I can see that this is a big issue for many business users & Microsoft should really have addressed this problem.
Most other mobile phone synchronisation software allows you to browse to other folders e.g. public folders to sync other than just the default personal calendar.

There are numerous synchronisation apps out there that can sync data from one place to another but not from & to the public folder area that I could find.

My workaround solution was that if it was possible to sync or schedule a copy of the public folder calendar with the personal calendar in Outlook this would solve the issue, all be it a little long winded.

If anyone knows of an app that would be suitable or maybe theres some clever geeks out there that could write a script to do this then I would be very grateful.

Any help appreciated.