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Office Software Thread, Microsoft Word wont save or open. in Technical; My Microsoft Word Document will be working perfectly fine, and then all of the sudden it says that there is ...
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    Microsoft Word wont save or open.

    My Microsoft Word Document will be working perfectly fine, and then all of the sudden it says that there is not enough space to save this document. So i can continue typing but i cannot copy or paste anything, and when i try and save it, it says: "The network or path where you are trying to save this document is unavailable. What do you want to do?" and it gives me the option to "retry", "save as" or "cancel". When i click save as and try to save it as a different name, or in a different location, it still doesnt work. I try saving it as a .docm file as well. Please Help!

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    Have you tried repairing your office install?

    A quick google suggests

    You need to delete the key:

    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ins taller\UserData\<SID of the affected user>

    I did that and it's all working again.

    Go to START >> RUN and type in REGEDIT and click Ok.

    Then browse to the registry key I have listed above and simply delete it.

    If you need to find out the SID of the affected user, go to this site for instructions and a tool:


    hope that helps out!

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    How about space on your C: drive, is it full? This would seem to cause the copy/paste issues and may also prevent it from modifying the temporary file word creates when a document is open.

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    Your disk quota may have been exceeded. Network managers can set up a quota of disk space for each user; when that is gone then you will get problems with saving. It won't matter whether you save to a share or not - the disk quota is personal to how many files and how much disk space you have personally used. The message you get is supposed to be helpful, but it is generally not clear! Ask your network manager/techie to check your disk quota. Or try saving to a standalone device such as a memory stick? Possibly you have a faulty network cable, which is dropping your network connection. Or your server has gone down!
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