Hi Folks,

Seem to be having a problem with Outlook templates at the moment. I've been tasked to create a template users can use to email all our customers with a festive theme.

I have designed the template, and it works fine on my outlook, the image is being hosted on the interweb,

I started by creating a html file with css to embed the background image on the page with no-repeat as an option. I then created stationery based on the html page, added relevant text and saved as an Outlook template.

When I open the template, the image loads, the text is all correct, when my boss opens the template he gets the image loaded, however the old one when we were testing, doesn't look like outlook is refreshing the image, when another colleague opens the template, the text is all there in the correct place, however the image is not shown at all in the window.

Are there any obvious steps I'm missing? I can supply the .htm base file and the saved .oft file if anyone wants to have a look for me.

Outlook 2003 btw