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Office Software Thread, change default install location in Technical; Got a whole load of new laptops Ive been given, that were imaged from a machine where office was installed ...
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    change default install location

    Got a whole load of new laptops Ive been given, that were imaged from a machine where office was installed from a network share. The student accounts dont have access to this share, so when office 2003 does its initial setting up annoying thing it always does, it comes back with errors and stuff about the bad network path.

    Is there any way to change the default install location office looks to?

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    I think you could alter the paths in the 'InstallRoot' keys, but to be honest I had this trouble and the best way around it is to pop the CD in and make sure you select everything to "Run from My Computer".
    That way Office won't (shouldn't) have to look elsewhere again.
    Are you prepared to re-image them all? If you do another tip is to copy the admin profile details to 'default user' once you've opened every program for the first time - saves windows like that appearing.

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    no time to check all reg keys but As above just re install using cd

    Where 12.0 would be office 2003 and obviously this will alter between version of office you have.
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