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Office Software Thread, Publisher 2003 Print Problem -Multiple Pages in Technical; Can anyone help with this problem. Publisher prints 4 pages of everything for network users on our HP3600 color printer ...
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    Publisher 2003 Print Problem -Multiple Pages

    Can anyone help with this problem. Publisher prints 4 pages of everything for network users on our HP3600 color printer in each ICT suite.

    I can't seem to find any info on this anywhere.

    I tried setting the printer Raw to Lpr but this hasn't made a difference.

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    Welcome to the delights of MS Publisher and its pants print engine. I had this at a place I worked and I don't know how they fully solved it in the end. I know we found the new Publisher 2007 didn't have a problem, but that doesn't solve your problem. I think we did update the drivers which did help but that in HP printers cases causes many other issues as well so its a double edged sword.

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    I seem to recall having to set ours to print single copies only on the actual printer. Which caused some consternation when multiple copies were required. People had to print one then take it to the photocopier. We don't have that problem now, but I can't for the life of me remember when it was fixed or how. Maybe I updated the drivers to PCL6, which made SIMS throw a wobbly!

    As John states, combination of HP + Publisher = not good

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    We're currently having the exact same problem here as well. Being the main colour printer for our students it is causing a few headaches.

    I updated the drivers yesterday to the latest off of the HP website with no luck.

    When we set the printer to print directly to the printer as opposed to our print server (server 2003 R2 x64) it works but, as you would know, kids love their borders and images which with publisher turns out enormous file sizes causes major performance problems with the printer, and is in turn not really a viable fix for the problem for us.

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    ive had this before but only on one laptop and iirc only as that user on the laptop never did get to the bottom of it

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