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Office Software Thread, School calender in Technical; Hi, At the moment the receptionist and one member of admin staff use an excel spreadsheet with the school calender ...
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    School calender


    At the moment the receptionist and one member of admin staff use an excel spreadsheet with the school calender and only those two can edit it, it is in a shared network folder, other staff open it daily with read only access...

    ... im sure i don't need to tell you about all the different problems they have with it, mainly down to one person having it open and the other complaining they can't edit it as it's giving them read only access etc etc, especially considering they aren't the most computer literate of people, is there anything you lot use that you could recommend to us for this kind of situation that isn't excel (or office) based?


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    Not sure what information your putting on the calendar, but if you cant use outlook could you try sunbird to see if that would be any use? Link if you want it http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/sunbird/

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    Our school uses:


    It's really good for whole school calendars and agenda's, etc

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