Our setup consists of 2 domains a curriculum and admin. We have one exchnage server, which servers both domains. It is located on the curriulum

Problem 1
I am trying to assign access for a few users on admin to second mailbox. I have installed Office Sp3 and restarted the machines.

Each time I click on the second mailbox it says unable to open folder.

Alll the users have been assigned send as permission and full mailbox access for the second one.

Its exchnage server 2003 standard.

All the users can access their own mailboxes fine

problem 2
I Also have another admin network user who logs onto one machine and gets all her mail but when she logs onto another admin machine and also and any curriculum machine only gets three or so emails.

I have checked the system manager and there is only one mailbox for the user.

Any help is appreciated.