Has anyone here used the Signet Office Integrator?

I've just been using the latest version to integrate SP3 into our Office 2003 installation. At the moment O2K3-SP2 goes onto the machines and is then followed by a bunch of Office updates - which includes Sp3.

I have now integrated the SP3 .exe file into the installation directory (after making a backup of course) and now the GPO will not install. Do I need to change it? I assumed that as long as the MSI was referenced in the GPO that it would install without any needs. The MSI in question being Pro11.msi

If it doesn't work then I will either go back to the SP2 install directory or create a GPO for SP3 - but this worries me - will every machine then re-install Office?

I only want the GPO to go onto new machines that are getting O2K3 for the first time.

Any advice appreciated - or failing that, what Office Integrator application do people here use?