Hi everyone

We have a weird problem with Outlook/OWA. Here's the full story, in case any part of it helps identify the problem!

We have a small number of staff using Blackberry Storm devices. These sync with Outlook via the Desktop Redirector software for email, and use Google sync to sort the calendar. It appeared to work perfectly well.

However, if an appointment is created on the Blackberry, it successfully syncs back to Google calendar, which in turn successfully syncs back to Outlook. However, this appointment does not appear in OWA!! It's there perfectly fine in Outlook, but totally missing in OWA.

Opening the details of the appointment in Outlook reveals what I think is the problem - the appointment is in the timezone "UTC (London)" - if this is changed to just "UTC", the appointment appears properly everywhere. This despite the fact that there's no actual time difference between UTC and UTC (London), both being GMT/UTC +0.

The Blackberry does not have UTC timezones, only GMT (as far as I can see), so there's no way of getting an universal match. Does anyone know of a way, anywhere along the synchronisation path outlined above, of "forcing" all appointments to UTC, or at least making OWA realise that these appointments should be displayed?!

Many thanks!