Hi Guys,

Got a strange one here. I have two network admin installs of Office. One for Office XP and one for Office 2003. And I have a group of .MST transform files for each.

In the GPO I have it set to install Office XP via Pro.msi with the XP_STD.mst - everything except access and outlook.
The GPO also is set to install Office 2003 via its Pro.msi with the publisher.mst - only install publisher 2003 files.

The XP.mst is set to remove all previous office installations and then install all features locally for the requried XP components

The publisher 2003 is set to remove none of the previous office installations, and remove all previous publisher installations. It is set to make other components of office 2003 not available and to install locally all components of Publisher.

Hopefully that made sense.

Heres whats happening. Publisher 2003 is installing fine but none of the Office XP components are installing.
Are the 2003 settings overwriting the XP settings in GPO?

I've checked the contents of the two .mst files and they look fine. I've also checked GPO and the .mst files are applied to the appropriate packages.

In another OU, the same Office XP Pro.msi + XP_STD.mst installs correctly but there are no Office 2003 installs in that GPO.

Thanks in advance for any help offered.