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Office Software Thread, Application form in Technical; I've just been approached by our head today, currently when we have a job going it is put on the ...
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    Application form

    I've just been approached by our head today, currently when we have a job going it is put on the website with job spec and a scanned copy of our application form in PDF which they can download, print off and fill in if they wish, which people do.

    Somebody who's applying has asked if we have an application form they can fill in on the computer.

    My first thoughts were, convert it to .doc , so i grabbed a converter, and it comes out at 945 Meg.

    Its a big form, as most application forms are. So now i'm going to re-write it , any thoughts on the best way? Should i just stick to a word document, is there somthing fancy with infopath that can be done? somthing i have missed?

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    You can use for forms tool in Word to define areas of the document that can be written in, then lock the document so they can only write in those areas. Takes a long time to do properly thou for a big application form, but very effective when done correctly.


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    Infopath is awesome for forms, but you have to remember it's not very typical to find it on home machines or even most schools AFAIK. So that might just be shooting yourself in the foot.

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    With Infopath 2007 you can create browser enabled forms that run equally as well in a browser as the client meaning infopath is not required to fill them in anymore, just a browser. As infopath is specificly designed for forms it will probably be the quickest and most suitable solution in a windows environment.

    Creating Browser Enabled Forms With InfoPath 2007 | In the Office | Channel 9

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