Anyone come across this problem?

Problem with MS Word freezing, all icons grey out and often the only option is the save function which does not always work. Problem is worse when downloading a document from the VLE. This happening with random student accounts, most recent being year 9.
he laptops based in room # will not allow students to save material in Word, sometimes they will not even allow cut/paste into other applications.
It is causing problems to the scheduled program of work. Students have discovered that they can save into a draft e-mail, but that technique is unsuitable for the large piece of work they are currently undertaking. I have a temporary solution in that I have converted the work to a collaborative wiki on the vLe, but this unit was meant to be individual research.

A possibly useless bit of information - when I lost use of drop-down menus in Word on my home computer I had to reinstall 'preferences', but whenever I tried to change the language to UK English I lost them again.
We run native 2003 network with XP Pro sp3 and Roaming profiles. This seems only to happen on laptops. Different makes and models, different images.

I'm a bit short of staff today so any suggestions appreciated