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Office Software Thread, Word 2007 freezing in Technical; We have office 2007 installed in school but in one room it keeps freezing. Students are still able to click ...
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    Word 2007 freezing

    We have office 2007 installed in school but in one room it keeps freezing. Students are still able to click the start menu but they cannot select anything.

    We've narrowed it down to saving, copy and pasting and an IT teacher said it seemed to be when they were copying and pasting from the Internet.

    When this first started happening we though it was a conflict with the esafety software we installed over summer but last week i installed the esafety software in another room and they are not having the problem.

    In the room with the problem we have rebuilt the computers, adjusted the virtual memory as it was set too low and all the settings in RMMC are the same as the room which is working.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Do you still get te slowdown if you're working locally or from a memory stick etc?

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    Have you looked to check that there are no other other office installations? Or any traces of older office packages?! Is it just word 2007 that crashes? Any updates/patches you need?

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    This might not be relevent and probably isn't if it is only just when copying/pasting from the internet.

    What I found on my home computer is that because the default printer is on the other computer, if it couldn't communicate with the printer the first time it loaded up it would crash. Loading up again after this crash word would work fine.

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