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Office Software Thread, Auto Saving Files in Technical; Hi, This doesn't have to be just OpenOffice, but that is what we are using, but any ideas are welcome. ...
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    Auto Saving Files


    This doesn't have to be just OpenOffice, but that is what we are using, but any ideas are welcome.

    I don't think that this is just our school, but I was wondering if anyone has solved the problems of students not saving work. I currently have OpenOffice saving automatically after 5 minutes (15 minutes was to long), but for some reason it doesn't "kick-in" unless you saved the document at least once.

    This is where our problems occur, they don't save the document at all!

    So what does everyone else do? I am fed-up that the system is blamed every time it happens. Is there a way of making it save a copy as soon as they open a new document? Could I get a script to push a 'ctrl-s' to the suite as soon as they open the program?...might get annoying but it will do the job....but I wouldn't no how to parse that information to the program.



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    This is the same in all document programs as the auto save can only save against a know action point.

    The only way I could see this working would be to start the program fom a named file, automatically created vi a VB script using the days date, stored in the users my documents.

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    I dont know if it is possible in OpenOffice (never looked!) but I have an AUTONEW macro in word - it is run when a new document is created. It runs the SAVEAS command - the the brandnew (empty) document is named and saved before it is even used.
    Put the macro into everyones NORMAL.DOT - should do it

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