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Office Software Thread, Access OLE Bitmap's as Packages in Technical; Hi, We're having a strange Access problem here that I'm hoping someone here may know an answer to. When we ...
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    Access OLE Bitmap's as Packages


    We're having a strange Access problem here that I'm hoping someone here may know an answer to.

    When we Insert an Object in a Table it always shows up as a 'Package'. This would be fine, but the objects are always Windows Bitmap files (.bmp) which Access is supposed to handle without an OLE server. Thus they should be importing into the table as 'Bitmap Images' not as a 'Package'.

    The system works fine on a clean install of Windows/Office, but as soon as we install either Paint Shop Pro 7 or Adobe Fireworks CS3, Access stops working.

    I think it is a file association problem. We've changed the .bmp association back to MS-Paint. Installed MS Photo Editor off of a Office XP CD. Unistalled both PSP and Fireworks. But nothing seems to be working. What ever we try/do the .bmp files continue to import as 'Package' rather than 'Bitmap Image'.

    Has any one seen this before? Does anyone know a solution or have any pointers as to where we may go next? Any help we be much appreciated.


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    Package VS Bitmap

    To Get around this issue I used Photoshop and chose "save as" and then chose bmp,dib then added .dib to the end. imported with no problem.

    Then I thought , Hey not everyone hase "photoshop" so i tried the same thing in "Paint" works perfectly. Hope this helps.

    Tom 483

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    I'm having a similar problem. Adding any image file as a OLE object in a field in an Access db, brings up a message about being unable to find the OLE server. Apparently Office 2003 uninstalls microsoft photo editors, which is what Access used to use as the OLE server.

    has anyone else had this problem and got round it. The dib thing above doesn't work for me.
    I'm thinking it's permission based, because as admin it works fine. Presumable there's an Office .dll lurking somewhere that the application needs to see, but can't?

    Any ideas?

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