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Office Software Thread, Auto insert product key during installation in Technical; Hi Folks, I need to create an Office 2007 disc in case anyone needs to borrow it, however for obvious ...
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    Auto insert product key during installation

    Hi Folks,

    I need to create an Office 2007 disc in case anyone needs to borrow it, however for obvious reasons we do not want to give the VLK out.

    In Office 2003 I've set it so the product key is automatically inserted, however I can't seem to get this working with '07.

    All I can find is for network installs, which requires the Office version of sysprepping it.

    Has anyone done this, and if so how?!


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    The best way to do this so that it does not expose the VLK to the end user in plain text is to run "setup.exe /admin" which will let you create an automatic installation MSP. You just need to store this in the \Updates folder and it should pick it up during setup, you can add other configuration here to.

    The other way is to edit the XML file but that will leave your VLK in plain text on the DVD which is not a good idea.

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    Under the new schools agreement MS have remodeled there home-use policy.

    You cant give the disc out any more, to anyone, and instead they have provided a "Home Use Program" which you register to your schools email domain, and provide them with an access code.

    They can then get a copy of MS Office Enterprise edition for £17.30 (or there abouts). Directly from the Microsoft Shop, with there own CD-Key.


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