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    Outlook remove user from mail options.

    About a week ago I rebuilt our exchange server and a few users Outlooks (both 2003 and 2007) are having troubles connecting to it.
    The old exchange server named “emailserver” was replaced with “emailserver2”. Both the same IP and in DNS I have a CNAME that should shoot requests to ‘emailserver’ directly over to ‘emailserver2’. Regardless, the server works and the problem I’m having is on the client side of only a few users. One in particular is posing the following problem.
    When outlook 2007 starts for this user, it prompts a “Old Data”, “Temporary Mailbox” or “Cancel” option. This is exactly what happens with the other users that are having troubles connecting to the new email server. To resolve this, I go to Control Panel and to MAIL and remove the current mailbox user, and then add them again with a direct server name to ‘emailserver2’. This user’s mailbox however will not let me remove her from the MAIL on the client side. I’m sorry I don’t have the error message in front of me (she’s busy on her machine now, but I’ll retrieve it later when I’m able.)
    I’ve tried uninstalling Office 2007 and reinstalling it, but I still could not remove her email account from the MAIL.
    Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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    Sounds like a corrupted profile to me, you could delete her profile and recreate it or attempt to find all of the outlook settings in her profile and remove them, this may not work as I think that there are references in the regestery that you would need to find as well as the files under application settings.

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    I am getting the same message and it is definately nothing to do with the email servers. I am the only one in school who uses outlook 2007 and I started messing round with the mail profiles on my machine, eneded up getting the same error. To get rid delete all profiles fom the control_panel_mail_show profiles and then create a new one.

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