Hi guys,

I'm trying to help a colleague remotely, she is having an issue with opening/saving Word documents. She is part of a school network and uses a temporary user profile when working from home. Normally all is well however she can't open/save any Word documents.

The problem seems to lay in C:\Users\'Username'\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Offi ce with the MSO2057.acl file which is an AutoCorrect file. It is suggesting Word does not have enough memory to work when she tries to save. The error message exactly is 'Word has insufficient memory. Do you want to save Document 1 and RescuedDocument 2?' - This also prevents her opening existing files etc...

I'm limited to what I can do as I'm obviously not connected to the network, I have a feeling the issue is to do with permissions but I'm not sure.

Has anyone ever had an issue/experience with the MSO2057.acl file and is there anything I can do to fix this without being connected to the network (working on a temporary profile)?

Many thanks,