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Office Software Thread, Remove OneDrive option for opening/saving in Technical; We are looking to roll out OneDrive to staff combined with Office 2013, part of this deployment will be simplifying ...
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    Remove OneDrive option for opening/saving

    We are looking to roll out OneDrive to staff combined with Office 2013, part of this deployment will be simplifying the use of 2013 with OneDrive/365 much as possible. One thing we really want to do is remove the OneDrive option from the 2013 menus and keep just the schools name aka their OneDrive Pro.

    Rant time:
    Having the personal OneDrive login option and another saying the school name along with all the stupid onedrive from 2013 interface will defintly confuse staff, I can already imagine the calls

    Staff- "So when I try to save to OneDrive it asks me to sign in to my OneDrive?"
    Me- "Thats because your not saving to your school OneDrive, that's a personal one, select the one titled 'school name' and doesn't actually say OneDrive on it anywhere until you go a folder deep"
    Staff- "Ive opened the correct one now and I have a window showing folders to save into, where do I save I have too many.... Documents, Personal Documents, Shared Documents,Form Templates, Style Library, Shared pictures"

    These kids certainly are not watching Office 365 (from the free supplement cover):

    Why can't Microsoft understand education want simplicity in function and UI Just have an option called Onedrive, in a work environment or education environment this will always refer to that set by GP, dont put multiple versions in... then when I actually open it just show me the 1 Documents folder, that and its sub-folders is where I save EVERYTHING on my OneDrive and permissions are displayed much like the OneDrive webpage.
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    You can do this with a group policy:

    User Config\Admin Templates\Microsoft Office 2013\Miscellaneous\Block Signing into Office
    This policy setting controls whether users can provide credentials to Office using either their Microsoft Account or the user ID assigned by your organization for accessing Office 365.
    If you enable this policy setting, you can specify one of the following options:

    - If you select "Both IDs allowed", users can sign in and access Office content by using either ID
    - If you select "Microsoft Account only", users can sign in only by using their Microsoft Account.
    - If you select "Organization only", users can sign in only by using the user ID assigned by your organization for accessing Office 365.
    - If you select "None allowed", users cannot sign in by using either ID.

    If you disable or do not configure this policy setting, users can sign in by using either ID.

    Note: This policy does not apply to licensing. A user can license their product using any applicable ID if they have a valid license associated with that account. Providing credentials for licensing purposes when that ID type has been disabled, however, will not affect the signed in state of Office.
    You'll need to download the admx templates for Office 2013 if you haven't already

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