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Office Software Thread, Publisher files changed to .TEM file in Technical; Hi, We are using Windows 7 x64 and MS Office 2013. For some reason a user was working on a ...
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    Publisher files changed to .TEM file


    We are using Windows 7 x64 and MS Office 2013. For some reason a user was working on a Publisher file finished the document, printed it and save the file and closed the application. Next time she tried to use it, the name of the file changed to random numbers and letter with .TMP at the end. I have tried opening the file with another application but no luck (Word, Publish, Notepad) nothing works. It shows publish as Microsoft Publisher 2013 component. When I try to open with Publish I get the following message: 'H:\Folder name\Folder Name\ File Name .TMP is not a valid Win32 application. She has save this to her H drive which is her home folder saved on the server. I have saved publisher file to see what happens and it saves fine.

    Does anyone know why this happens and how I can retrieve this file?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Can't help with the recovery.. but can you confirm the exact file name format? TMP files appearing in the place of Office documents on Windows 7 is a known phenomenon with several potential solutions depending on the circumstance.

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