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    Office 2013 - 365 intergration

    Hi All,

    I am planning my Office 365 deployment and I am getting a bit confused regarding "Office 365 ProPlus" and "Office 2013".
    From what I understand ... Office 365 ProPlus can only be installed on 5 machines, this would include the any instances of O365 ProPlus deployed in college. As such by the end of the first week of my deployment, all students would have maxed out their licenses as the amount they move around this would not be possible.

    So I gather I have to install Office 2013, but this does not automatically link to the students O365 accounts (They would have to sign in on each machine) which in my opinion is pretty stupid. Is there a policy that will automatically sign them in using their logon credentials or do have to manually do it themselves ?

    Whilst I do like the look of O365 this is a real tipping point for management on whether to drop Google Apps and convert to O365.

    We are currently on the A2 Package with ProPlus through Student Advantage.

    If anyone can help clarify this point it would be greatly appreciated. Whenever I read any documentation on this I always seem to end up going round in circles (à la TechNet)
    Thanks in advance
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    Office 2013 pro plus seems to integrate fine with 365, as long as you have sso sorted it will pick up their username and it is a single click the first time to have it sort itself.

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