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Office Software Thread, Sync Office/Google Calendar in Technical; I suspect most people at home may use a web based mail service and have an Outlook/Exchange setup for work. ...
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    Sync Office/Google Calendar

    I suspect most people at home may use a web based mail service and have an Outlook/Exchange setup for work.

    Now I use Outlook at home from day dot and have been using Google Calendar sync (no longer directly available) to sync between my S4 and Outlook. I have given up with the Google Calendar sync tonight due to a a few issues but I am currently evaluating this piece of software at the moment. Thought I would share as it looks good and it you want to keep all things iPad/Android/Outlook sync'd and not using Exchange this may be of some use and it doesn't appear to be expensive either.

    Thought I would share.

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    Been using it for ages to sync multiple calendars across multiple systems/sites - works great.

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    I bought it the other week.

    I sync my google calendar to the wifes gmail account so she can see my plans and where I am in the country and sync to my gmail calendar with a device specific password for easy access from my phone.


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