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Office Software Thread, Office 2013 CC4 package in Technical; Has anyone had any luck getting building an RM CC4 package for Office 2013, or getting hold of a copy ...
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    Office 2013 CC4 package

    Has anyone had any luck getting building an RM CC4 package for Office 2013, or getting hold of a copy of the RM Application Library. We have tried the normal build application, but with no luck at all. Last time we ended up having to fork out the equivalent cost of 2 machines for the 2010 pack. if anyone has a working copy, can you send me a copy please?

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    Any luck with this?

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    We'd be very keen on this as well!

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    Do you have volume versions of Office 2013? (Do you have the source disk and does it contain a folder called 'admin'?)

    If so you could just run the OCT, customise your installation and push out the installer with the .mst - its how I used to do it when I ran CC4, no need to muck about with the RM packs or whatnot.

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    Yes, do what @sparkeh says. I have just made a package for office 2010 and used the Office Customization tool (run setup.exe /admin). That will give you a msp file. Put this msp file in the same location as the setup.exe. Then just import the setup.exe into management console as a CC3 package. Then open the package properties, and in command line arguments in installation type /adminfile mspfile.msp and /uninstall in uninstallation arguments. Check the OSs that you want the package to run on under constraints and you should be able to deploy the package. I've just looked and think the procedure is the same for Office 2013 (although I may be wrong as it was only a quick look!).

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