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Office Software Thread, Protecting a Document pdf not working as it should? in Technical; So the dept head has made some documents that she wants to share with people, but wants a way of ...
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    Protecting a Document pdf not working as it should?

    So the dept head has made some documents that she wants to share with people, but wants a way of protecting her work so noone can 'Steal' her work.

    The password protect option wont work as putting in the password makes it so anyone can get in and alter the word doc if they have the password.

    I suggested saving as .pdf however i could still cut and paste from it.

    Is there any other options? I suppose somehow save it as an image but that would be a bit of a chew on for all the pages in the document

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    Google Drive could Help

    1a) For Sign Up: http://accounts.google.com then click 'Create an Account' and follow the instructions from there or
    1b) For Sign In/Login: http://accounts.google.com then enter User/Email then click 'Sign In'
    2) Click the App Button Attachment 24874 then click the Drive Icon Google Drive for Problem Pic2.PNGyou will then get this screen Google Drive for Problem Pic3.PNG
    3a, i) then click 'Create' then click document then copy and paste the text
    3a, ii) rename the file(NOTE: if you cannot rename the file goto 'My Drive' and rename there or
    3b) upload the .pdf/.doc/etc. file(s)
    4a) click share then Change...beside 'Private – Only you can access' then click 'Anyone with the link' then share the link with others Example: https://docs.google.com/document/d/'19H7EcekZI6Z40vrB19oB63WUpkK5H5K8oCXECpC5Y4'(Key Code) or
    4b) (Recommended) add others emails(Note: before you click Change...beside 'Private – Only you can access') then the emails that you invite will be able to ether 'Can Edit', 'Can Comment', 'Can View'

    NOTE: What I mean by 'Can Edit' is anyone who has the perms to do so can edit at home, school, etc.

    Thank You for your Question I hope it helps!

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