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Office Software Thread, Changing settings for all users in Technical; Hi, newbie here (well lurker of several years, but my colleague who had an account here left for pastures new!) ...
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    Changing settings for all users

    Hi, newbie here (well lurker of several years, but my colleague who had an account here left for pastures new!)

    We've got to use the EnlightKS system fro ECDL for a year, and I need to change the default settings for all the pupils across the network. Now yes, I can use a Group Policy, and that's the way I planned to do it. My Manager says No, she doesn't want any more Group Policies for some reason....

    So any idea how to do this... how to change 3 settings in a Word 2010 document and fix those settings on that PC for anyone who logs into it, not just the admin account making the changes - and they are security/view type changes, not template related ones? All the stuff I find on the net points to Group Policies!

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    errr, GP is the way! anything else would just be another way to well group policy! I don't understand why you would not use/ add another policy to manage your office settings? I have worked on some big networks in and out of education and seen some big and i mean big group policy structures, one more/ add the setting to a default student policy that is already in use will not make any difference.

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