I am having some issues with office and the new Office 365 link which I wonder if anyone else has experienced.

I have been merrily working for years with a standard user account which opens up a different exchange account through outlook (the school admin account)

Now I upgraded to Office 2013 yesterday and started playing with office 365 and the links. it worked fine and the skydrive pro was syncing too.. loads of updates appeared so I did all these and rebooted. now its all messed up.

When I try and sync skydrive it gives me an error instantly. When I go to connected services and try and connect to sharepoint it instantly gives me an error (sorry we are having some temporary issues). If I try and switch user in word 2013 it does the same error.

Now I wonder if its all gone **** up because the account that Word 2013 is using is simon@etc... and the skydrive account is admin@.... The annoying thing I can't change the account. I was really hoping this skydrive thing would be good but the lack of mapped drives support and this issue which has cost me a few hours looks like I might just stick with google.