we have an add in for excel 2010 which analysis's data. The program was created via a third party provider using MS Visual Studio for Office and installs fine when using a domain admin account.

First Problems: The certificate was out of date, so the setup program to download and run MS Visual Studio would not run under any other user than domain admin;

Fix: downloaded Visual Studio for office ran fine for current user (Users are local administrators)

Second Problem: software would not install because it downloaded from the internet and didn't like files being redirected back to a server because of a trust issue

Fix: added internet address to trusted publishers and added trusted sites in IE

Final Problem: The software needs to register with an external web address to run " Error Message Excel Add in cannot connect to the internet please contact your system administrator"

This where I'm stuck, the PC can get onto the internet no problem however we are behind a proxy but a domain admin who is also behind a proxy can load and run the software, so I think this is either a red hearing or just a time stealer.

Basically how do I know a program can or cannot access the internet via a proxy without being able to look at the source code.

If a domain admin can register the software what restrictions in IE and Excel would prevent a user who basically has admin rights to the PC form doing the same.


Windows 7 (Fully Patched)
Office 2010 Pro Plus (Fully Patched