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Office Software Thread, Excel - graph to show reduction in absence/lates in Technical; Hi, I've been urgently tasked to make a graph showing how lateness for different students has reduced within a certain ...
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    Excel - graph to show reduction in absence/lates


    I've been urgently tasked to make a graph showing how lateness for different students has reduced within a certain date range - my brain tells me a line graph, but I can't work out how to go about implementing the data. Unfortunately Excel/Graphs in general aren't by any means something I enjoy or part of my expertise, but as OFSTED are here for a 3-day inspection I've got to get it done.. but have no idea where to start!

    Any ideas/tips to share? I'd greatly appreciate it. All I've got 'data' wise is on paper, simply with (for example

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    Which MIS do you use? I'd start there, depending on the MIS you could get it to produce the graphs or at the very least populate a spreadsheet with data so you don't have to type it all in

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    If your data is only available in the format you describe the way I'd start would be by calculating the percentage attendance for a number of different periods (weeks or terms maybe). Then use these values as the data for a (line) chart. If you're still struggling post some sample anonymised data and I'll try and throw together a 'quick n dirty' example.

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