Today one of the users who has a Citrix thin client was trying to create a bunch of Avery business card size labels (L7415) using mail merge in M$ Word. After adding her fields from the spreadsheet and clicking the update all labels button, only the top and the bottom rows (two labels per row) on the label sheet had the fields entered and the rest of the labels were blank. My immediate thought was a corrupt spreadsheet. So I goes back to my PC and I try it using her spreadsheet, with my Office 2007 install and it all works fine. This made me think the Office 2007 on the Citrix server is buggered. I suggested she try on the PC in the office, rather than the thin client. Same result; only the top and bottom rows of labels have data entered. The number of blank labels corresponds with the number of rows in the spreadsheet, between the rows that get onto labels. The user then goes to her normal PC and it all works fine.

All of the PCs have the same W7/Office 2007 install and as far as I can tell have all the latest updates applied. I don't know about the W7 image on the Citrix server but I believe it is the same as on the PCs, but probably without the last couple of months updates. So why does mail merge work on some machines and not others? Is it any wonder I have a drinking problem!